We were asked to produce a video showcasing the main features of Libertex trading app. The final destination of this video was to be shared on Google Play store and App Store for iOS devices. So we gather the team together, and for this creative, we did a shooting day, recorded some scenes by ourselves and then collected the materials to edit, cut and create motion graphics animation as a combination with live-action scenes. It was a really nice project to work on, because we did a great job as a team where everyone shared your expertise and we improved our skills on directing, editing, chroma-key tracking, mo-graph, filming and much more…

Production: Libertex Creative Studio
Creative Director: Viktor Rovkach, Nino Ilievski
Copywriting: Nino Ilievski
Video Editing: Jefferson Tomazella
Cameramen: Nino Ilievski, Jefferson Tomazella, Arkadiy Kondrashov
Photography: Arkadiy Kondrashov
Motion: Leonardo F. Dias, Jefferson Tomazella
Animation: Leonardo F. Dias
Compositing: Jefferson Tomazella
Music and Sound Design: Leonardo F. Dias, Jefferson Tomazella
Thank you to Denis Efimenko, Ilya Masyuk, Roman Okhotnitskiy

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