In July 2017 every paper, news portal or media website was covering Bitcoin and blockchain. The so-called Bitcoin-hype reminded gold fever. People were dying to find a way to capitalize on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Brand excuse:
If you keen on investing in Bitcoin, you can do it with Libertex. 

People behaviour:
We noticed a change in people search behaviour. Analysing the search queries, we realised that people have three problems our product could solve:
  1. People don't understand how to capitalize on the emerged opportunity.
  2. They see traditional crypto-exchanges as somewhat complicated.
  3. They don't see cryptocurrencies as an affordable investment instrument. 
Acknowledging these issues we were able to come up with the concept.

If you have questions regarding cryptocurrencies that stop you from capitalising on them, install Libertex, we have all the answers. How to earn on Bitcoin? Libertex is the answer!

Campaign Execution:
We launched worldwide paid acquisition campaigns to deliver our message across the set of media channels:
YouTube, Facebook, Vungle, AdColony, Instagram, and so on. We empowered our assets with mimicking search interfaces. Aside from it, we added the relatable brand character, that is confused by cryptocurrencies until he discovers Libertex.

In all of the channels, we used the video-first approach with the following asset:
After clicking the video, prospects landed to either applications store or landing page where we replied to all of their questions about cryptocurrencies:
Increase in new paying customers a week after campaign launch: 457%
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