Libertex mobile app for seamless, informed trading on financial markets. 

Target audience: 
Male, middle to top managers, 30 to 45. 

The target doesn't recognise the product's value in typical Libertex DR messages.

The target is genuinely bored with their routine and seeks a way to escape 9 to 5 office life without losing their status.

Through storytelling, we introduced Libertex as a tool to break the vicious circle of corporate routine and live the life to its fullest. With limited data about desires of the target, we decided to try out the following hypothesis: "Office workers would enjoy life if they wouldn't need to work to pay the bills.".

To prove the hypothesis we came up with an idea for a campaign. Would you praise every day of your life if you would be able to not think about money? That said, we built five videos for every weekday featuring different USPs of the product and different types of activities. This division helped to communicate the idea that Libertex makes the target's life exciting and varied. 

We launched the ads in Media Networks and Facebook. From the first campaign launch, we wanted to understand kinds of things the target is keen on along with the USPs that resonate with them the most. 

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