Most of my work was dedicated to the DJ turntable, including the camera movement and the disc transition, but I also modelled in 3D a few music instruments, which you can see them in the end-card. 
A special thanks to Lui Nogueira, Agostina Carrera and Juan Martin Miyagui who I had the chance to work closely on the 3D spots.

Client: Heineken
Agency: BBH Singapore, Le Pub and Leo Burnett
Production Co: Final Frontier
Animation Studio: Le Cube
Director: Ralph Karam
Executive Producers: Chris Colman (FF), Gus Karam (FF), Fernanda Soma (LC), Eva Amuchastegui (LC), Yanyie Tran (FF)
Line Producer: Sofia Arissian, Eric Zheng
Animation Director: Federico, Radero
Art Director: Santiago Oddis
Illustrators: Lucas Andreu, Gianluca Patti, Emilia Calvo, Alejandro Durty Gonzalez, Jose Elgueta, Nahuel Sagarnaga, Juan Barabani, Nahuel Rollan, Franco Vecchi
Compositing Supervisor: Adrián Mirandeborde,
Compositing: Adrián Mirandeborde, Fernando Lamattina, Alcides Izaguirre, Lui Nogueira
2D Animation & Tie Down: Appétit,
3D Modeling, Shading & Lighting: Lui Nogueira, Fernando Lamattina, Agostina Carrera, Leo Dias, Juan Martin Miyagui
Clean Up Supervisor: Laura Desmery
Clean Up: Appétit, Facundo García, Juan Natch, Julieta Soloaga, Melisa Pighin, Clara Chini, Marcela Chiban, Nicolas Quintar Riboli
Music & Sound Design: Massive Music
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