StormGain asked our team to produce a campaign where we had the opportunity to interview some of the Newcastle United FC players(season 2019-20), and develop an idea where we could connect football to the crypto world, and introduce StormGain to all of the fans.

My role for this creative: Art Direction, 2D/3D animation, Motion Design, UX Motion and Sound Design.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Performance ad (for Social media posts, YouTube or other channels)
All the materials included in this project were produced before the Covid-19 outbreak.
This campaign was produced during the sponsorship agreement between StormGain and Newcastle United FC on the season 2019-2020.

StormGain Credits

Production: Libertex Creative Studio
Creative Director | Copywriter: Nino Ilievski
Producers: Nino Ilievski, Jefferson Tomazella
Art Direction | Motion Design | Animation: Leonardo F. Dias
Cameraman | Compositing | Video editing: Jefferson Tomazella
Sound Design: Leonardo F. Dias, Jefferson Tomazella
Photo editing: Egor Anufriev, Alex Beliavsky
PR: Marcos Delrio

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